• Beteseb Inc. brings families and communities together through art with the following missions:

    To provide exposure to various dimensions of art techniques in an affordable community-based environment.
    To create a positively uplifting recreational and networking family-friendly environment options that are different from the traditional entertainment activities.

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  • values are social justice, diversity, equity, inclusion, access, and joy--- 

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  • A city where every child regardless of the financial condition can be empowered to his/her fullest potential thru creative artistic activities, where creative activity evokes the positive energy of the participants. 

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Welcome to Beteseb African Heritage Art Center! For the past nine years, we have been a hub of artistic expression, bringing together individuals, organizations, and businesses to celebrate the power of art. We are thrilled to announce that Beteseb has recently become a non-profit organization, allowing us to expand our reach and make an even greater impact.

At Beteseb, we are passionate about redefining entertainment and pastimes for young people. Our goal is to provide a vibrant space where they can engage, learn, and be inspired. From painting events to workshops and performances, we offer a diverse range of experiences that capture their imagination and ignite their creativity.

We believe in the transformative potential of the arts, which is why we are dedicated to promoting African heritage through various art forms. In addition to painting, we are excited to explore sculpture, photography, dance, and Craft. By embracing these art forms, we create a dynamic and inclusive environment for young artists to thrive and for the community to appreciate and celebrate African heritage.

To learn more about our rich history and journey, visit our History page. Discover how Beteseb has evolved into the artistic haven it is today. You can also explore our Past Events page to get a glimpse of the incredible moments and experiences we have shared with our community.

Join us at Beteseb African Heritage Art Center as we embark on this thrilling artistic journey. Together, we will redefine entertainment and pastimes for young people, promote African heritage, and make a positive difference in our community.

Thank you for visiting Beteseb, where art comes alive!

The Beteseb Team