Painting event at African Art Smithsonian museum Garden

Organizations We've Worked With

Since 2013, Beteseb Inc. has been actively involved in numerous communities through various artistic and educational initiatives. Our founder, Aleme Tadesse, an artist and graphic designer, has led painting events that serve as both leisure activities and art lessons. These events often spark intellectual discussions as participants share stories about specific subjects.

Relevant Organizations:

  1. Wegene Foundation (Youth Section): Dedicated to empowering Ethiopian youth through education, mentorship, and community engagement.

  2. Life Asset: Provides financial services and support to entrepreneurs, focusing on economic self-sufficiency.

  3. Smithsonian African Art (Teach Africa Day, Heritage Day): Hosts events to promote education and cultural awareness of African art, history, and traditions.

  4. Teach Africa: Aims to integrate Africa-related content into school curricula and promote cross-cultural understanding.

  5. Saint Mary Ethiopian Orthodox Church: Preserves and promotes the traditions and faith of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church.

  6. City of Alexandria (Ethiopian New Year painting): Organizes events, including Ethiopian New Year celebrations, to showcase the rich cultural heritage of the Ethiopian community.

  7. University of Maryland Ethiopian Eritrean Association: Promotes Ethiopian and Eritrean culture, history, and community engagement on campus.

  8. Shasemene Foundation: Supports sustainable development projects and community initiatives in Shashamene, Ethiopia, and its diaspora communities.

  9. Ethiopian Community Center (DC) Summer Youth Program: Offers a summer youth program providing educational and recreational activities for Ethiopian youth in the Washington, DC area.

  10. African Union Representational Mission to the USA: Serves as a liaison between the African Union and the United States, promoting cooperation and collaboration.

  11. Ethiopian Eritrean Special Need Community: Focuses on supporting individuals with special needs within the Ethiopian and Eritrean community, advocating for inclusion and accessibility.

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