Founder Aleme Tadesse is a trained architect and accomplished visual artist specializing in various mediums, including oil, acrylic, and watercolor. His artwork spans a wide range, from Ethiopian traditional painting to contemporary art, and captures the essence of Washington DC life in vibrant watercolor. With additional skills as a jewelry maker in silver casting and a textile designer, Aleme is a versatile artist with a passion for community organization.

Over the past nine years, Aleme has organized painting events for both kids and adults, fostering creativity and cultural exploration. He has also authored a book that teaches Ethiopian kids the Ethiopian language and Amharic scripts, utilizing innovative mediums such as posters, play cards, and a game app.

Aleme's personal journey and experiences have led him to establish Bet'eseb African Heritage Art Center, driven by a desire to create a space that nurtures heritage, cultural exchange, and talent development. By recognizing the gaps he faced during his own youth, Aleme is committed to addressing the needs of our community and providing a constructive and inclusive environment for future generations