Traditional Art/Craft Making Workshops at "Beteseb"

Workshop Offerings:

  1. How to Paint Traditional Ethiopian Painting
    • Description: In this workshop, participants will explore the rich heritage of Ethiopian art. They will learn the concept of traditional Ethiopian painting, starting with tracing an image on a 12x16 canvas and progressing to painting it in the traditional style.
  2. How to Understand and Draw Traditional Ethiopian Knots (Hareg)
    • Description: Knots, or "Hareg" in Ethiopian tradition, hold symbolic meanings. In this session, participants will learn the intricacies and historical significance of these knots. By the end, they will be able to draw and understand the deeper meanings behind each pattern.
  3. Ethiopian Calligraphy "Kum Tsihifet"
    • Description: Ethiopian calligraphy, known as "Kum Tsihifet", is a visual art related to writing. In this workshop, participants will learn the strokes, techniques, and history behind this unique and beautiful form of written art.
  4. Ethiopian Cotton Hand Spinning and Handweaving
    • Description: Go back to the old days and discover the age-old techniques of hand spinning and handweaving. Participants will get hands-on experience, understanding the entire process from raw Ethiopian cotton to a woven piece.
  5. Traditional Authentic Vegetarian Cooking Classes
    • Description: Learn about the rich culinary traditions of Ethiopia with this vegetarian cooking class. Participants will learn to prepare and enjoy age-old recipes that have been passed down through generations.
  6. How to Make Djembe Ganian Hand Drums
    • Description: The rhythmic beats of the Djembe drums are iconic in many African cultures. In this workshop, participants will learn the craftsmanship behind making these Ganian hand drums, understanding the materials and techniques used.

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