Ethiopian parents who raise their children in the Diaspora grew up in a more relaxed, traditional, community-oriented society that was less materialistic and less competitive. Good moral characteristics were instilled in them at an early age – desiring the good, knowing the good, and doing the good. 

These values, which helped parents to get where they are today, must be instilled in their children at an early age.

Ethiopian children born in the Diaspora are growing up in an individualistic and materialistic pop-culture, a society that emphasizes materialism at the expense of good moral behavior. A balance needs to be struck between Ethiopian traditional values and those of the fast paced society of the western world.

Raising children in the Diaspora is a very challenging task. Because of heavy economic burdens on parents, many parents have multiple jobs that allow them little or no time for good parental care disciplines like controlling who their children associate with, doing homework, and knowing and understanding the society they are living in. On top of these challenging tasks, it is an uphill battle to conduct moral education in an individualistic and materialistic pop-culture a society that emphasizes materialism at the expense of good moral behavior.

To fill the void created by the fast pace of life and the lack of necessary traditional values, Beteseb has created a central place for parents who raise kids in the Diaspora to share their knowledge of all repetitive parenting tasks as well as information concerning families, their children, and their children’s education. When people learn to do good and love the good, they take delight in doing the good.

   Warning: Beteseb is not an entertainment web site. It is a web site for exchanging high culture and knowledge, and a place to show good moral integrity and honesty. We encourage parents as well as kids to use their real name. If they have to use a nickname, please use a nice uplifting nickname. For example, never use something like “Sexy” or “Mafioso”. Use positive nicknames like “Lion” or “Unity”.

Beteseb is very closely monitored site . it is a site where students discusses about subject matter not school life , it is a place where students talk about substance not Style . It is a site where parents strictly find ways to share knowledge and parenting burden not where they argue. We have the right to ban any member who dose not follow our rules and regulations.

We also encourage kids to use their photo or their artwork for Avatars. If you like and agree with the above Statement please go ahead and register and enjoy Beteseb.

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