From this September 11, 2018 (Ethiopian New year) I hope you will join me

 in Feedel literacy campaign the 5th. In Ethiopia and the first out side of Ethiopia.

 Why is it called 5th. Literacy campaign ?
 During the course of Ethiopian History Church, Government, as well as individual efforts was made to educate            the public to read and write.

Many people think literacy campaign started during the Emperor Haile Selasse but in fact Empress Zewditu ( ) started a literacy campaign by declaring every parent should teach their kids Feedel . If a parent don’t comply with the decree
and proven by local authorities , the fine was 0.50 cents which was a lot of amount at that time .

In 1955 Emperor Haile Selasse together with then young Professor Isaac Abraham started a literacy campaign known

as Yefidel Serawit . The aim was to teach people between the ages of 18 and 50 reading and writing . This effort
continued for nine years and 27,000 people received  literacy lessons.

    In 1979 Socialist Derg started The first round of the National Literacy Campaign.
    the campaign was organized in 5,000 centers and 35,000 instructors with the ultimate goal of         eradicate illiteracy throughout Ethiopia.