Buying this book is the first step towards teaching/learning Amharic . This book is intended to be a fundamental building block for teaching and learning the Amharic language.  However, the book itself is not intended as the sole material required mastering the writing system, learning to read and write, or to master the sounds of Amharic. This downloadable supplemental material, an Activity Test, is an important gauge of the strength of what is to be learned from this book..

In addition to this Supplement,  you may always email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  with questions.. 

To access the Activity, Test, and Coloring pages, please register or email me a request so that I can send you a pass code..

Please Download .Exercise_1 page 10-13
Please Download  Exercise_2 Page 10 -13 (Six Pages)
Please Download Exercise_3 Page 16 - 17 How to write "Ha"

Coloring is a fun way to learn while it keeps the conversation alive .
Coloring_1 Bubu Playing Masinko

Coloring_2 Tree

Coloring_3 Bed room

Please Download this PDF as a supplement exercise . It will teach boady Parts .