About Beteseb Inc.

Beteseb Inc. is a 501C non-profit incorporated in Washington, DC on March 31, 2022; by Aleme Tadesse - An Ethiopian Artist and Inventor.

Our Mission

Beteseb Inc. brings families and communities together through art with the following missions:

  • To provide exposure to various dimensions of art techniques in an affordable community-based environment.
  • To create a positively uplifting recreational and networking family friendly environment options that are different from the traditional entertainment activities.

Beteseb Inc. understands the lack of access to affordable art is a big unaddressed matter that has been long ignored. The culture of art and its many sophisticated techniques borrowed from the world need a community to sustain the creativity in humanity. Beteseb Inc. wants to bring out the artist in everyone.

Beteseb Inc. plans to host different activities and festivals regularly on a weekly / biweekly / monthly / annually basis that are inclusive to those who can and can’t afford to experience such art variations. 

Our Goal

To help empower in building neighborhood communities throughout the district that come in oneness of love, humility, respect among each other, and uplifted morals through artful activities that explore in reflecting the beauty of the world and our communities.  

Get Involved 

As a non-profit organization we continuously appreciate all volunteers, donors, and sponsors to sustain these prolific activities in an affordable way. Interested sponsors and donors can participate with financial support; or by donating venues, equipment, art supplies, and other resources.