About Beteseb Paint 

 Beteseb Paint is created to give an alternative and enjoyable way for Ethiopians living in the Washington, DC Metro Area to constructively pass time. It is also hoped that this will  start a new movement for young people to spend their free time in a useful way, in a clean space and creative environment for individuals.
 In addition, Beteseb paint will bring groups together to have fun and a very positive experience. Over time, those who participate in the painting sessions will become a “Beteseb”( family) and positively impact the community.
Beteseb Paint aims to better the individual and the community as a whole. We feel that all can have a better time, a better life, and a brighter future by participating in an enjoyable activity that is sure to encourage self-esteem, mutual respect, and a positive outlook on life filled with productivity.

How much  is the Cost to participate in Beteseb Paint ?

 Beteseb paint asks  $20 donation to partisipate in the painting session .  People who has more than one kid and can not afford to pay they are well come to paint with out paying )The donation covers the space, Canvases and paint . at the end of the session the painter will take the painting home.

How Beteseb Paint works:

Beteseb Paint usual is about two hours . First the painters choose what they want to paint from what ever source they want . We also have some printed materials where the painter can pick to paint . After  short break everyone will go around and see other people work. When the break is over paints will be pass around and everyone will start painting . Aleme will go around and help with any question the painters may have . 
when break is announced everyone will go around and see each others painting  and will have a chance to get to know each other .
In the last hour everyone finishes the painting wash the brushes used  and the pallets and put it on designated table and take their Paintings home . 
Since 2014 Beteseb Paint has grown so popular hold  Painting session in in DMV area to many to list here.

To list a few : Smithsonian African art Museum , Univercity of Maryland for Ethiopian Ertrian Student association, African Union day (Alexandria, VA) .

It is sad with current Covid 19 situation it is not known when Beteseb will be back in business .