What This Book Offers 
MANY GOALS, Among WHICH are the following:

•To teach the users to read and write Feedel, as part of their learning Amharic.
•To equip Diaspora Ethiopian children with a historical and cultural appreciation of their linguistic inheritance, to help them maintain cultural continuity.
•To help the learner approach Feedel as a game as well as a serious subject that offers a deeper level of understanding of Ethiopian culture and society.
To create a comprehensive teaching tool that combines traditional learning with modern technology.

Fundamental Amharic Exercise / Teaching Book

Ethiopia, the land of vast riches and cultures, is also home to people who speak more than 80 different languages. Amharic is the most widely & commonly used language.
Unlike much of languages spoken in Africa, Amharic has its own writing system called “Feedel” making it one of the most unique language in the world.
My initial motivation for preparing this book was my daughter growing up outside of Ethiopia. I wanted her to speak and write Amharic to help her maintain
a bond with her ancestral land of Ethiopia, its rich heritage and history.

While doing an extensive research and compiling materials for this book, I found out that this book will serve many like my daughter. Children who are born outside of Ethiopia and adoptees,
growing up in the diaspora  by helping them maintain some degree of relationship with their Ethiopian heritage.

The book is also an invaluable resource for non-Ethiopians who possess some sort of ties to Ethiopia & Ethiopians, academicians, historians, researchers etc.
It will help them better understand the mysteries of Ethiopia, Ethiopians, society and the culture; whether it’s through the vast array of Amharic literature available or direct
communication with the people. The teaching methodology used in the book is simple and easy to understand. The approach is based on the ancient way of teaching the language
starting from “Feedel” or the Amharic characters; familiarizing the student with sounds and pronunciations, then vocabulary and grammar along with writing and penmanship.
An Amharic language student of can benefit greatly by starting to learn Feedel at the same time he or she starts to learn the language. Once students master Feedel, they will recognize all
the sounds of the Amharic language. Learning grammar and vocabulary, even for speaking, will be easier and faster, with the help of written materials. This book is designed exactly to do that.

Aleme Tadesse