Buying the book is the firist step  twards teaching/learning Amharic . The book is intendend to be teaching fundumental builiding block of Amharic which is requiered by the language . 
however, the book it self is not material to master the writing system to read and write and to master the sounds of Amharic. the supliment materials which are Activity , testing  are given in third section in  printable for in PDF format . 

Activity: once the student is learning one section of the book is is important to test aquiered knowlage to go to the next page . in testing staarting from stucture of Feedel to the forms and how to write themis given page by page . in addition you can always e mail me and ask questions. 
to acces Activity , Test , Coloring pages  please register and e mail me a request so that I can send you a pass code .

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